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Privacy Policy
In order to ensure smooth running of our services, we collect information on customers interactions on the site through Google Analytics. This includes your approximate location, your session duration, every page you visit, the time of your visit, how long the website takes to load on your computer, your browser, your demographic, OS, browser revision, platform and whether you came from Google Search or not. From this data, we are able to see audience retention, times when we have the most load on our servers, what the most popular pages are, how spikes in demand affect load times, what percentage of our audience regularly returns, how particular interests lead to different behaviours on the site (i.e. FIFA games are more popular during the World Cup), and also how well we’re performing in major search engines.

We also sometimes gather CTR (click through rate) on the purchase options on the games, in order to gain an idea of how many people are actually purchasing them.

You will be informed of any changes to this policy by a popup on the website.

As always, we understand that all this can be a little creepy, so you are free to disable all tracking on the site, whether you are living in Britain or Honduras or anywhere else. We don't believe that privacy should be a privilege for one country.
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